We are part of the IMS Financial Service family. With an experienced team of advisers we offer a wide range of impartial/unbiased services with an indepth knowledge of Switching Mortgages, Financial Planning & Debt Restructure sector. We pride ourselves in finding the best Switcher Mortgage & Financial Products with the most competitive rates.

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We take the guess work out of the equation, only offering you the best advice and most competitive Switcher Mortgages & Financial products in Ireland.

The Best Switcher Mortgage Rates For You

Switching Mortgages : We find the perfect Mortgage product to suit your needs and budget.

The Best Service For You

Our Promise : We are dedicated to the company motto "Creating Financial Independence".

The Best Insurance Rates For You

Pensions & Insurance : We work to secure the perfect Pension | Insurance | Mortgage Protection Policy on the Irish market for you.

What can offer you.

A competitive service which puts the client first. Be it Switching Mortgages, Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Specified Illness Insurance, Pensions for individuals and Group Schemes or Debt advice.


When it comes to Switching Mortgages you'll want somebody who can cut through the jargon & offers to get the best rate for you. That is where we come in, at we search for the best mortgage switcher terms and conditions for our clients. For more information on switching mortgages please click through below.


We search the insurance market for the Best Rates in Life Insurance, Specified Illness, Income Protection and Stand-Alone Illness. For further information on Insurance options please click through.


At we can find the ideal Mortgage protection policy for your Mortgage needs and budget. For information on our Mortgage Protection products please see below.


Finding the correct pension in the Irish pensions marketplace can be a daunting task. At we take the confusion out of the market, We offer a comprehensive Pensions advisory service. Click below for more information on Pension options.


Investing your hard earned money can be a scary process, most of us are just looking for a good return on our investment. Whatever your attitude to risk we, at have a plan for you. For more information on our Investment services please click below.


At we provide mortgage and debt restructuring services. Our policy is to ensure our customers are in a position to avail of the very latest debt restructuring options. Click through for more information.

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Phone: +353 (052) 61 21471
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Phone: +353 (056) 7756122
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200 Upper Salthill Road
Phone: +353 (091) 395232
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